Touch of Gold


So excited to finally be sharing these photos with y’all! I got to collaborate with a local photographer, Serena Dinh. And I am excited to say that her work is just purely amazing.

In this shoot, I wore an all black look, with a touch of gold, and my faded out booties. More than half my closet is filled with black pants, black shirts, and black shoes. You can never go wrong with wearing black. You can always add a touch of color, a fun print, or a different texture to spice up your look.

_T9A2031 _T9A2055 _T9A2019 _T9A2053 _T9A2016 _T9A2042 _T9A2049

Blouse- H&M

Leather Leggings- Forever 21

Booties- BCBG


**Photos by Serena Dinh Photography**

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