Floral & Fresh


Spring is in the air! I’m celebrating first day of spring with a fresh bowl of strawberries and by writing this post. Spring is my favorite season because the days get lighter, flowers start to blossom, and the weather gets warmer. Everything is just going to start to blooming and that is what is so beautiful about spring!

My first floral shoot ever. This was inspired by a simple bohemian look, and I added a floral crown to make this look more fresh. I am absolutely loving the bohemian style right now, you’ll definitely be seeing more of it on the blog!

IMG_3158_1 IMG_3095_1 IMG_3130_1 IMG_3052_1 IMG_3238_1 IMG_3018_1 IMG_3002_1 IMG_3103_1 IMG_3269_1
I big thanks to Rachel Davis & Anna Ornella for making this shoot come together!
Photos by: Rachel Davis Photography
MUA: Anna Ornella

Wearing: DIY- Floral Crown / Dress- NORDSTROM

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