Let’s say Thanks


Rose2 Rose6 Rose4 RoseB RoseC Rose3 RoseA

Photography By: Andrew Parsons Photography
WEARING: Jacket – Forever 21 / Tank Top – Forever 21 / Pants – Shop Impressions / Booties – Forever 21 / Hat – Gunny Sack & Co.


Tomorrow is one of my favorite holidays. It’s a gathering of people whom come together and rejoice in all the good things in their life & celebrate with thankful hearts. It’s crazy to think about all the things I am thankful for. Because there are a million things that I am so grateful for… First things first, I am thankful that I believe in a God who is enough. My faith is so important to me, because of it I am who I am today because of my faithful God. I am so thankful for my parents who are just the most amazing people in the world.  I am so grateful for having 6 other siblings in the house, who are all so different & full of character. Thank you mom & dad for such wonderful blessings in my life! I am thankful for the people who have stuck by my side from childhood, even if there is only a few of them, it is plenty for me.
This year, through my blog I have met some of the most wonderful souls. I have met some of the most creative, talented, & beautiful people. Listening to their stories & actually building a friendship with them, well that’s what I love. This whole journey has been so adventurous for me & I am loving every step of the way which I am so thankful for.
I also want to thank you, yes you, for taking the time of your day to read this. I really appreciate all the support I have gotten through my journey of blogging. I have you to thank for!

I hope you all have one of the best Thanksgiving gathering you’ve ever had. Enjoy the food & just remember to say thanks!
Xoxo, Rose

3 thoughts on “Let’s say Thanks

  1. What a stunning look! I love the eyelash shirt paired with the coat, so modern meets feminine 🙂 I don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in my country but I hope you have a beautiful holiday!
    Have a gorgeous day!
    Much Love From,

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