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I absolutely love starting out my day with a good cup of coffee and some good tunes on my way to work. It’s my perfect morning, minus driving to work part. haha!

Today I am sharing with you this beach look. Let me just tell you that this beach blanket is everything! I’ve been eyeing this blanket for about forever now and I finally got it! Yay! Its not your ordinary beach blanket, that’s for sure! I envisioned this look in a different setting. But I am so grateful how these pictures turned out, it was such a spontaneous shoot. It turned out perfect!17115178984_4ca02681ea_o 17711315996_f990a49f6b_o 17551395369_c5583522aa_o 17737990061_38eb962c34_o 17711338606_ed75e0210d_o

Photography By: David Bokov

WEARING: Blanket – The Beach People / Top – Forever 21 / Pants – James Jeans / Shoes – Forever 21 / Hat – Forever 21

Thank you for stopping by. Wishing you a lovely Tuesday!
Xoxo, Rose.

“Your mind is a powerful thing. When you fill it with positive thoughts, your life will start to change.”

8 thoughts on “The Aztec

      1. Wow. Seattle is probably my favourite American city. From Puget Sound to your awesome downtown Nordstrom…it just has the best of everything! A bustling metropolis with mountains, lakes, etc. So fantastic. Very reminiscent of Canada too as the people are so chill. xo

      2. Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. We have family out in Vancouver, Seattle and LA. We normally fly in to Vancouver, drive down to Seattle and then fly into Sacramento and take a nice long drive down the PCH. Lovely area of the world!!! xoxo

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