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Happy Monday!
We caught the golden hour. This shoot couldn’t of been better. This would have to be my go-to rooftop spot in Seattle. I absolutely love it! Thanks to David for capturing these amazing photos!18328657430_244f3d5f7f_o 18329882459_fd04322717_o 18330008709_f15e31d7c0_o 18518040011_81a864a098_o 18490121436_e221988074_o 18512009332_67ee7fbe8d_o

Photography By: David Bokov

WEARING: Shirt Dress – H&M / Shoes – Forever 21 / Hat – Gunny Sack & Co.

ITS ROAD TRIP TIME…Guess where I’ll be going tonight….!?
San Francisco, Big Sur, & LA baby!
I am so so so excited for this trip because I will be visiting 2 new cities & places that I’ve never been to! Ill be celebrating the 4th in LA (which has been my tradition for the past 5 years). Plus, Ill be going with the best companion ever. My soul sista (from another mister) & my best friend!
Follow my trip on Instagram (@rozachka) & get all the crazy adventures on my SnapChat (@rozachka) !

Hope you are all having an amazing Monday. Sending love your way!
XOXO, Rose.

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