First stop, SAN FRAN.

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Juice date with the bestie! I got to road trip with this girl all the way from Seattle to San Fran to Big Sur & to our final destination… LA! This was my favorite road trip of all time. Even though the driving part wasn’t fun at all, we made it worth it.
Our first stop was San Fran, even though stayed there for 1 day only. We got to visit the cutest cafes, coffee shops, and got to explore a little bit of the city all in one day.
This cute cafe called Nourish Cafe was our first stop. It was a must on our list just because we heard so many great things about this little cafe.
Make sure to visit my bestie’s amazing blog – Vicky’s Style
RoseSF-4RoseSF-2 RoseSF-7RoseSF-5 RoseSF-6  RoseSF-8 RoseSF-9 RoseSF-3 RoseSF-10

Photography By: Andrea Posadas
Hair Extensions – Luxy Hair

Thanks to the amazing Andrea for these photos! She showed us a little bit of San Fran and we got to hangout & shoot with her pretty much all day. Shes the sweetest & has the cutest little home in San Fran. Make sure to stop by her page & leave her some love!

Enjoy the sunshine.
XOXO, Rose

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