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DSC_0195Happy Tuesday!
Hope you are all enjoy this chilly season. Sharing with you today this look. A leather jacket just makes every outfit look a bit edgier! Don’t you agree?
I am currently craving the sunshine… I’d rather be laying somewhere on the beach, sunbathing under the sun!
But for now, enjoy this & have an amazing day!DSC_0317
DSC_0367 DSC_0274 DSC_0358 DSC_0387 DSC_0369

Photography By: David Bokov

WEARING: Jacket – Nordstrom / Pants – H&M / Hat – F21 / Shoes – ALDO / Bag – ALDO

Black x Black

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Happy Tuesday Babes! Hope you all are having an amazing start to your week.
Here is a little black on black look, featuring the amazing ALDO suede booties & my new ALDO fringe satchel. It’s always fun to add a little color to your shoes & a little texture to your look! Shop these items below…

Rose-1 Rose-3Rose-5 Rose-4 Rose-6

Photos By: Dan Villamar
WEARING: Shirt Dress – H&M / Shoes – ALDO / Bag – ALDO / Hat – F21

Little White Dress

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Cibelle x Rose F _ White Dress_01

Happy Thursday!
Ever girl needs a white little dress. No questions asked! I am wearing this Lace White dress, which I bought from PacSun (its from the Kendall & Kylie collection)!
I love this dress, its not your typical lace dress. This lace is more of a heavier fabric, which is nice. Its not as fragile as other lace dresses! But my most favorite part about this dress would have to be the flirty-ness of this dress! It’s a feminine piece, which I added a bit of leather to give this look more of an edgy-er feel.

Cibelle x Rose F _ White Dress_03 Cibelle x Rose F _ White Dress_04 Cibelle x Rose F _ White Dress_09 Cibelle x Rose F _ White Dress_08 Cibelle x Rose F _ White Dress_06 Cibelle x Rose F _ White Dress_10 Cibelle x Rose F _ White Dress_05 Cibelle x Rose F _ White Dress_02

Photography By: Cibelle Levi

WEARING: Jacket – H&M / Dress – PacSun / Shoes – Hardy Design Works /
Lipstick – MAC (Relentlessly Red)

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend! I’m heading to LA for the weekend. Going to relax & rewind on the beach. What are some of your go-to spots in LA?! Would love to hear from you!

Xoxo, Rose.

Rooftop x Bestie X Braids

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Happy Tuesday Babes! Today on the blog I am wearing my amazing Luxy Hair Extensions. I absolutely love them. I’ve had short hair for more than most of my life, so wearing these long locks was so different for me! Walking through the city and as I walk past a mirror I always have to look back at the mirror because I look so different…haha.
Don’t forget to check out my bestie’s blog – Vicky’s Style !

RoseSF-23RoseSF-18 RoseSF-19  RoseSF-21 RoseSF-22  RoseSF-24

Photography By: Andrea Posadas

WEARING: Jacket – F21 / Romper F21 / Hat – H&M /
Hair Extensions – Luxy Hair

By the way, this city view of San Francisco was just AMAZING!
Hope you all have a lovely day! XOXO, Rose.


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Happy Monday babes! Hope you all had a fab weekend. Today I am sharing a quick and relaxed look for any day in the city. Am I crazy to wear a leather jacket in the summer? Some people think I may be. But to be honest, I could live in leather jacket year round. They are so edgy & look good just about with everything…

RoseSF-13   RoseSF-16  RoseSF-12RoseSF-17 RoseSF-14 RoseSF-15

Photography By: Andrea Posadas

WEARING: Romper – Forever 21 / Leather Jacket – H&M / Hat – Shop Impressions / Shoes – Pink Basis

Thanks for stopping by & hope you have a beautiful week. Don’t stop fighting for the things you love!

Xoxo, Rose.

Shirt Dress

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Happy Monday!
We caught the golden hour. This shoot couldn’t of been better. This would have to be my go-to rooftop spot in Seattle. I absolutely love it! Thanks to David for capturing these amazing photos!18328657430_244f3d5f7f_o 18329882459_fd04322717_o 18330008709_f15e31d7c0_o 18518040011_81a864a098_o 18490121436_e221988074_o 18512009332_67ee7fbe8d_o

Photography By: David Bokov

WEARING: Shirt Dress – H&M / Shoes – Forever 21 / Hat – Gunny Sack & Co.

ITS ROAD TRIP TIME…Guess where I’ll be going tonight….!?
San Francisco, Big Sur, & LA baby!
I am so so so excited for this trip because I will be visiting 2 new cities & places that I’ve never been to! Ill be celebrating the 4th in LA (which has been my tradition for the past 5 years). Plus, Ill be going with the best companion ever. My soul sista (from another mister) & my best friend!
Follow my trip on Instagram (@rozachka) & get all the crazy adventures on my SnapChat (@rozachka) !

Hope you are all having an amazing Monday. Sending love your way!
XOXO, Rose.

denim x denim

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Hey babes! Hope you all are having a gorgeous day. The weather is lookin pretty amazing today, so I am excited to relax by the beach today!
So here is a look that I styled when I was half asleep, and not gonna lie.. I actually kind of love this denim on denim look. You can wear it both ways with a blazer or without. Its a simple way to dress it up or down!
One thing I love love love about nude pumps is that they make your legs look soooo long! I wish I had legs for days… I’m not as tall as I would like to be, but nude pumps do the trick (at least in pictures)!

18345303008_d2f8abf0ce_o 18528605512_d82afd3c45_o 18345255618_c47dc3d211_o 17912442463_c541172878_o18506601866_88e0d00b1c_o  18533075955_8499196bfd_o  18506676736_53b85dd59f_o

Photography By: David Bokov
WEARING: Blazer – H&M / Top – TJ Maxx / Shorts – H&M / Shoes – Charles David

Have a beautiful day. Xoxo, Rose

Distressed Denim

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Hello Wednesday! Ahh, I have such busy weeks ahead of me. But I am doing my best at balancing & prioritizing! This past month has been a little roller coaster for me. Emotionally, physically, and spiritually. I’m going through a little rough patch in my life where its affecting my whole life. Things are changing, and how can you go from being so used to something to letting it go and starting new. Some people say change is good, but how do you know this change will be good. I’m sure months later I will realize that it was good. But what if change isn’t for me and I’m making a mistake… Do you trust your gut or your heart?IMG_2811 IMG_2815 IMG_2851 IMG_2819 IMG_2856  IMG_2903

Photography By: Aleigh Michelle

WEARING: Top – H&M / Jeans – ZARA / Shoes – Charles David / Bag – Michael Kors / Watch – Michael Kors

I love me some good denim & a nice pair of pumps! I love mixing crisp clean pieces with something a little more distressed.
Many have asked about these denim jeans, so your in luck. I linked these jeans and saved you a little bit of time if you’ve been looking for a pair of distressed denim. Plus, they are the perfect fit! You will loveeee them.
By the way, I scored these nude pumps by Charles David at the rack for only $34, yuupppp! I don’t know how that happened but the next day I go into Nordstrom and see that they are selling them there for $98. I got a deal, and I am so excited about them because they are seriously sooo comfy. I could walk miles in them!

Thank you for stopping by & don’t forget to encourage someone today!
Xoxo, Rose

When you go through deep waters, I will be with you. Isaiah 43:2

Desert Vibes


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Hi babes! How many of you wished you were in Coachella last weekend? I know I did! Hopefully next year 😉
Here are some picture from Palm Spring that I haven’t shared yet! I am craving to come back here, something about the desert vibe! Take me back…

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Photography By: Leah Hope Photography

WEARING: Jacket + Top – H&M / Shorts – Forever 21 / Shoes – Pink Basis / Sunglasses – H&M / Rings – IV Jewelry

“Today I choose life. Every morning when I wake up I can choose joy, happiness, negativity, pain… To feel the freedom that comes from being able to continue to make mistakes and choices – today I choose to feel life, not to deny my humanity but embrace it.” – Kevyn Aucoin

Xoxo, Rose!

Beachin’ it in our Wellens

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Oh, how much I love being around this guy. He sure knows how to make me giggle & he looks oh-so-good in front of the camera! Best part about shooting together is getting to look back at these amazing memories we had together. Here is our collaboration with Wellen. Getting to do this collab with my babe made it so much fun. Wellen surf is a beach lifestyle brand, both selling Men’s & Women’s apparel. Make sure to stop by Wellen & all the items are linked below!

View More: View More: View More: View More: View More: View More: View More: View More: View More: View More: View More:

Photography By: Leah Hope Photography
Rose’s Looks: 1st- Sweater – Wellen Women / Pants – James Jeans / 2nd – Top – Wellen Women / Skirt – H&M / Booties – Forever 21
Tomas’ Looks: 1st- Sweater – Wellen / 2nd- Top – Wellen

I want to thank Leah Hope for making this happen. I am so amazed at her work! First time I shot with Leah was last summer in Portland, OR, since then we had been planning on shooting again & it happened just a few days ago. There are so much more pretty photos to come, all thanks to the amazing Leah.
Happy Friday! Much love. Xoxo, Rose.