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Wearing Hat + Sweater – F21 / Denim + Heels – ZARA
Shot By: Triple M Photo


Coffee x Vogue


Selfie Saturday / Wearing Lipstick by MAC – Sin


Big Sur / Summer’s best memory!


Catching Sun Rays with David Bokov
Wearing: Top + Denim РZARA /  Shoes + Bag РALDO / Hat РF21


Red x Stripes
Wearing: Jacket – Lucy Paris / Dress – F21 / Bag – Michael Kors


Details : Bag РALDO / Tattoo РInked by Dani / Sunnies РFreyrs


POP of P I N K


Missing San Fran / Missing Summer


Details x Details


I’m obsessed with Leather Jacket… Just thought you should know. Haha. ūüėČ


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Happy Monday babes! Hope you all had a fab weekend. Today I am sharing a quick and relaxed look for any day in the city. Am I crazy to wear a leather jacket in the summer? Some people think I may be. But to be honest, I could live in leather jacket year round. They are so edgy & look good just about with everything…

RoseSF-13   RoseSF-16  RoseSF-12RoseSF-17 RoseSF-14 RoseSF-15

Photography By: Andrea Posadas

WEARING: Romper – Forever 21 / Leather Jacket – H&M / Hat – Shop Impressions / Shoes – Pink Basis

Thanks for stopping by & hope you have a beautiful week. Don’t stop fighting for the things you love!

Xoxo, Rose.

Stripes x Denim

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Photography By: David Bokov Photography
WEARING: Denim Jacket – Ellison Apparel / Dress – Lucy Paris Label (available at Bloomingdales) / Sandals – Pink Basis / Bag – Carlo Pazolini

If¬†spring¬†days were like this in Seattle every day, then I could stay here forever. Got to finally pull out this Lucy Paris dress from my closet and throw on a little bit of denim, a jacket in this case and there you go… you have your spring beach look for the Seattle weather. Enjoy!

Thanks for stopping. Have an amazing Thursday!
Xoxo, Rose

Haute Attitude



Hey ya babes. Another day, another blessing! Here is a quick street style look that’s perfect for transitioning from the Winter to Spring look. In Seattle, Spring does comes until like later… And hats are a must in Seattle. As they say spring showers brings May flowers.
I am wearing this lovely Safari Jacket from Haute Attitude Clothing and pairing it with some distressed denim, booties and off course a hat. This is a very laid back casual look, something I would wear going out to run errands or to the market.

IMG_6835 IMG_6887 IMG_6900 IMG_6876 IMG_6888

Photography By: S.Wolfe Photography
WEARING: Jacket – Haute Attitude / Top – Haute Attitude / Pants – Shop Impressions / Shoes & Hat & Bag – Forever21

“Life is full of beauty. Notice it. Notice the bumble bee, the small child, and the smiling faces. Smell the rain, and feel the wind. Live your life to the fullest potential, and fight for your dreams.”

The last of 2014…


IMG_3793Hello lovelies! This is the last post of 2014 & I¬†couldn’t be more excited. Now it’s time to reflect on the past year & set new goals! I know that the upcoming year will be one of the best.

IMG_3841 IMG_3768 IMG_3877 IMG_3788 IMG_3880

Photography By: S.Wolfe Photography

WEARING: Sweater РLOLOelle Boutique / Jeans РnANA jUDY / Booties РSante Shoes / Hat РLOLOelle Boutique

I am wearing some amazing pieces from nANA jUDY & LOLOelle Boutique. In today’s look I am adding some color to my all-black looks by wearing a purple wool floppy hat! This floppy hat is such a fun accessory to wear! Ohhh, & my hat collection is growing. I wasn’t so much of a hat person few years ago but now I wanna wear them all the time, especially in this chilly weather… Keeps the ears warm & the outfit stylish! Mixing it up with the textures in this look, I am wearing these denim pants. They are my favorite!!! The texture & comfort of the jeans are absolute.

I hope that everyone has a wonderful & safe NEW YEARS! Cheers to 2015.
Xoxo, Rose.

Date Night in LA

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Hi hey hello! Okay, so things are about to get a bit personal here. So get ready for a long article… But before I share about my personal love life, I am so excited to be sharing the amazing work of Crystal Nicole Photography. Big shout-out to Crystal (photographer) & her brother Julian (videographer) for capturing this date night in LA with my sweet boyfriend! Before getting in front of the camera, my boyfriend Tomas & I got to sit down and chat with Crystal & Julian at a coffee shop in Silverdale/LA area called the LAMILL Coffee. This coffee shop is probably the cutest & it is so beautifully designed.¬†I am so glad I got to work with such sweet & fun people, we all had good laughs & smiles.¬†Make sure to stop by Crystal Nicole Photography & check out her amazing work! Also, I finally created a YouTube account,¬†the first video now live from our Date Night- check it out HERE!!!
But for now, enjoy all the photos & my story below….
IMG_9650 IMG_9647 IMG_9666 IMG_9635 IMG_9658IMG_9675IMG_9692IMG_9726IMG_9709IMG_9713IMG_9764IMG_9711IMG_9738IMG_9844IMG_9759IMG_9855IMG_9878IMG_9896IMG_9862IMG_9901IMG_9898IMG_9918IMG_9883

Its honestly been such a journey for us. Tomas & I met TODAY three years ago, December 18th, 2011. It’s crazy to think about sometimes…¬†We met at a Christmas concert where he played with one of the bands who were preforming at that concert. I noticed him playing & thought to myself, “oh what a cute guy playing that guitar”. Haha, little did I know that cute guy playing that guitar noticed me too from the crowd of people. At the end of the concert,¬†there were a few people I wanted to¬†say hi & so I did. I came to the concert with my sister Melissa, who is one of the friendliest people you’ll meet. I honestly don’t remember how my sister & I started talking to this “cute guy¬†playing that guitar” guy. But we somehow did… He introduced himself as Tomas without the “H”. Hehe, how cute is that! It’s something I won’t ever forget! So my sister,¬†Tomas, & I started to talk. I didn’t say too much because I saw that Tomas & my sister had a good conversation going on so I kind of kept to myself. So, we said our “goodbye & nice to meet you”s & then went & said hello to other friends of ours. Not even a single thought that I had thinking I would ever see this Tomas guy, let¬†alone ever talk to him again.¬†But little did I know, that same night he found¬†me on Facebook & messaged me. So going on from there we started talking on Facebook messaging,¬†that turned into texting, texting turned into phone calls, phone calls lead to¬†hangouts, & hangouts lead to dating. I wanted to take things slow but I everything happened so fast. Even though at the time he lived in Portland & I was in Seattle, we managed to hangout every other weekend if not every weekend of¬†the¬†first couple months into our relationships. It was all exciting & fun. As months passed by we finally got to meet each others friends & family & more importantly we¬†were getting¬†to know one another. The most hardest part about this relationship is the distance. Now that he lives in LA I only get to see him every other month. Being a thousands miles away from each other is tough, but when we get too see each other it’s as if everything is in it’s right place.¬†Looking back at all the memories we had, the good & the bad, makes me realize that even though it was hard it’s an amazing journey¬†& I wouldn’t want to have these memories with anyone else but him.

So doing this date night photoshoot was such a sweet thing. This is something I’m always going to remember & savor. It wasn’t just a photoshoot with anyone it was with this “cute guy playing that guitar”, the guy¬†who puts a¬†smile on my face & lots of laughter in my life, my sunshine everyday & the guy whom I adore so much.

Thank you all for stopping by & reading!¬†Don’t forget to cherish the people in your life a little bit more.
Xoxo, Rose

“If you love something, love it completely, cherish it, say it, but most importantly, show it. Life is finite and fragile, and just because something is there one day, it might not be the next. Never take that for granted.

Say what you need to say, then say a little more.
Say too much. Show too much. Love too much.

Everything is temporary but love.
Love outlives us all.”

My Lifestyle

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0023 0004 0010 0021  00280030 0036 0042 0075 0083 0090
Cute Navy boy trying to teach me how to play this game…
0092 0094
I totally nailed it! I mean, just look at the excitement on my face!

Photography By: Katie Parra
1st Outfit – Dress – Nordstrom / Shoes – Forever 21 – Bag – Michael Kors
2nd Outfit – Hat – Windsor / Flats – Chinese Laundry
3rd Outfit – Top + Skirt – Forever 21 / Heels – Jessica Simpson

Thank God it’s Friday. Oh my gosh, you all don’t know how excited I am right now. Ecstatic to be exact! I absolutely loved shooting my lifestyle shoot with the fabulous Katie Parra. All the pictures are purely gorgeous. We had a blast.

I love my city, Seattle is my home! There is so much to see here, I wish I could say I have explored my city fully & I know all the hot spots, but I would be lying if I said I did. I go out as much as I can, and explore as much as I can. And every time I do some new exploring I always find a little shop, restaurant, or boutique that I fall in love with. Seattle is amazing!

Late Summer I decided to do something new on the blog. Add a little bit of my lifestyle. Even though this happened couple months back, I am finally posting this up & I couldn’t be anymore excited!
By the way, I am saving the best news for last…I am so excited to finally relieve that I am featured on SMP Living. READ MY INTERVIEW HERE!

Happy Weekend loves. Xoxo,